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Paint By Numbers Shop Reviews

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Jennifer Lusic
One of my favourites

This was my very first paint by numbers and now I’m hooked. It is still my favourite one. It is so therapeutic and easy to do. Time flies

Colors are not the same

The colors are much more bright in the painting than on the picture of it. Makes it more ‘cartoony’ than I would’ve liked it. Still a nice drawing tho.

Out of Sight
Abeer Haninou

Definitely enjoyed painting this one

Up Up and Away
Trina Puccio
I just started

I just started, this is a gift for a friend. So far I love this project, I love that the canvas is already on a wood frame. I also love the paint came sealed tightly. And I like that there’s a small level in there and the brushes I haven’t tried yet.
On a sidenote I’ve done a lot of paint by numbers, and this one is really special and the paints are very nice. The canvas is stretched. You’ll find this same project online but you’ll notice the canvas comes folded….don’t do it, this is the best one. Excellent for gift giving.


Everything Its perfect 😍 can't wait to start painting. Delivered on time! Thank you very much!!!

Sea Turtle
Carrie Sullivan
Love this

I have completed 2 paint by numbers now. I really enjoyed it and found it relaxing. I have one in our bathroom and one in our son’s room. I have ordered 2 more! Can’t wait to start them.

Ornate Stag
Monika Wright

Loved doing this one, turns out simply stunning! Took a while to do as there are lots of little spaces, tiny brushes are a must!

Midnight Tree

This was my second (of 3 so far), and loved painting it.

Mediterranean Seaside

These painting are so addictive, and a good way to relax. This is my third one, so working my way up the more complicated paintings- I wouldn’t recommend for your first one! I also ran out of black and one of the lighter blues, so had to use black from my last painting and blend to make a similar blue.

Teddy Bear
Carol Angel
Love love loved it!

This is review for A walk in Autumn , sorry, in the wrong place!! When the kit arrived and I saw how small some of the numbered spaces were, I thought there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this but I did what it said - started with bigger sections, got used to the paint and brushes and somehow I did it. AND it looks pretty amazing even if I do say so myself. Started my second kit already and the 3rd has been ordered. Absolutely addicted and find it so relaxing and rewarding.

Keen Eye
Sussi Jensen

Lovely picture

Fire Sunflower

Turned out beautiful! Had to go over it several times to get the right coverage. Reds and orange pigment tend to soak into the canvas. I recommend a few layers of Clear Gesso (primer) on the canvas before the paint. Once dry, add Flow Medium directly to the paint pots to get a thinner consistency. Then do several thinner layers of paint for better coverage. It helps but you still might see the numbers underneath. You can paint over those with a layer of white paint before you paint the colors.
Whichever way you do it, it’s still a gorgeous painting you will love!

Multicolor Cat
Jeanette Visser
Colourful lion

1st one I’ve done and so happy with the result. Such a big stress reliever. Highly recommend. Just started my second one

Jungle Friends
Jacinta Maloney

My first paint by numbers and I'm hooked i loved how it come out and have so many compliments


Such a cool painting to do! This one was a family effort and lots of patience was tested along the way. We loved it. Kept us busy for hours. This took around 3 weeks to receive in Akl, NZ

Pop art Girl
Vicki Sturt

Absolutely loved painting this Pop Art Girl.
So relaxing, a great way to de- stress. Enjoyed watching her come to life and ‘I painted her’. Best thing I have ever done for myself. Definitely going to buy another!


I received this as a birthday present with the easel and extra brushes (glad I had the extra brushes to do the tiny bits). I have loved every minute of it, great paints and coverage and will definitely get more as it’s very addictive.

Cheshire Smile
Ryhor K.
I am happy with result

It took much more time than I expected. The result makes me happy, but efforts that I have invested, are too big. Would recommend only for pedant, calm people.


Like many others forced to lockdown due to covid, I have found some comfort as I have brought these PaintByNumbers pieces to life. The only recommendation I would add to your purchase is to get a good set of brushes as the ones that come in the kit are not always the best. I have also been lucky enough to find reasonable priced frames that fit and compliment the paintings.

Intricate and delicate

I absolutely loved doing this paint by numbers. This was my third one and I took my time. I love how it turned out

Musical monkey

I absolutely love how he's turned out. It's in the spare bedroom/ office. My husband was on a zoom call with a customer, and they commented how much they like the painting in the background. I was chuffed!!

Eye to Eye
Kathy Billens
Thrilled with purchase

This took a couple of weeks to arrive and it looks fantastic. I'm about 2 thirds of the way through it. It's complexity level 4 out of 5, so a lot of small sectins to paint. Would recommend getting the detail brushes and a table top magnifying glass or use magnified glasses. It comes on a solid canvas which the other paint by numbers don't seem to offer unless you pay extra $$. Can't wait to finish it and will get another. Good to chip away at while I watch TV. Excellent lockdown project too.

Diane Schweighofer
So enjoyable and satisfying

I really enjoyed this PBN. The colors are more browns and orange than grays like the picture but, that’s ok. We have an orange cat. I bought the extra brushes. They came in handy for the small spots and fine lines. I’m a bit older so I had to use a magnifying glass to do some of the smaller parts. I throughly enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next one

Amazing and addictive

I had to leave a 5 star review for this website because the whole experience exceeded my expectations. The painting itself looks identical to the picture, and there is more than enough paint provided- I even went over some sections twice to add definition. The pack comes with everything you need- and I loved that the canvas was already put together. It even comes with a reference sheet incase you make a mistake. Overall this was a super therapeutic, addictive and calming experience, and I will definitely be ordering my second. Thankyou!

I'm officially an artist.

Took 2 weeks and over 80 hours but I finished my first canvas and I'm so proud of myself. As someone who has zero artistic ability it's amazing with a little guidance and a lot of patience anyone can
create beautiful art.