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Paint By Numbers Shop Reviews

Based on 3010 reviews
barbara garcia

This pbn is my favorite. Turned out beautiful. My daughter wants it. You know its well done when someone asks for it. Highly recommended.

Fish painting

Throughly enjoy doing these paintings, which turn out exactly the same as the picture. I have completed 3 and onto my 4th. I recommend these for everyone.

Out of Sight
Amanda Henwood

Beautiful picture has been lovely

Detail Brush Set
Maryann Stott
Detail brush set

I wish I had bought these earlier. They are easy to use and perfect for tiny areas.

Detail Brush Set
Linda Schwartz
Great Brush Set

A five-star review for these brushes. I like the easy-to .grip handles. The fine points were ideal for the complicated canvas I worked on with extremely small details.

Happy Cats
Lisa Clauson
Love the painting But....

I truly love my paint by numbers kit. The only thing I didn’t realize was how small some of the areas were. Somewhat hard for me to keep within the number.

Detail Brush Set
Judith Dent
Detail Brush set

I highly recommend this set for painting the smallest detail! Made life much easier!

Flower Kaleidoscope
Noreen Jaeger

I like it.The paints in the pots look thick but when applied they thin out This makes me have to keep layering over the no.

Below the Water's surface

Challenging and therapeutic. Almost done. Cant wait to put it up.

Flower Kaleidoscope
Linda Schwartz
Fun and Beautiful!

This was my first paint by numbers canvas and I loved painting it. I found it extremely relaxing and was thrilled with the end results!

I have already ordered a second canvas and am almost finished with it. This is my new hobby!

Mirror of your Heart
Lynda McCormick
Mirror of your heart

First ever attempt at painting. Took a while but patience paid off. So pleased with end result. Got another one now on the way. Am addicted

Flower Bird of Paradise


It’s very beautiful and lovely I just started to work on it and it will be done by next week


Sent a picture hoping for the best. Chose custom with 36 colours. Just amazed at how great it was. Have loved painting this and the outcome is fantastic. Will definitely be ordering more.

Dreams under the stars
Amy Ballantyne

I absolutely love how this painting is turning out. It is a great challenge for me but it will be beautiful when it is finished!

Great customer service

This is my second kit from Paint by Numbers. I ran out of several colors before finishing this painting. Their customer service was great and they remedied the situation right away. I appreciate a company that backs their merchandise.

Custom Paint by Numbers
Brenda Harold Harold

They are soooooo great thanks

Sea Turtle
Elizabeth Thompson

Sea Turtle

Marvellous Max

My dog is Max, is giving this to me as a gift later on in the year, I was impressed with the quality of the product when I had a quick peak at it. I will enjoy creating this personal piece of art.

Dragon Lady
Harpur Susan
Hours of relaxation

And a stunning piece of art to show at the end of it!

Colorful Lion
Kylie Tasker

I was hesitant in starting but once I started I couldn’t stop. Love the bright shades. So rewarding to see it finished. Looking forward to my next piece

Galactic Black Hole
Monique Anderson


Dolphins Diamond Art

I completed this for a friend. She is going to love it. Lots of fun❤️❤️

Gold-horned Deer
Imogen Rankin
Gold horned Deer

A beautiful painting, relaxing and serene.

Susan Flowers

I have painted a lot of PBNs. This one has been a real treat! The fact that it comes already stretched on a frame is great but the paints are hands down the best I’ve ever worked with! Creamy and opeque. Just beautiful! I probably won’t purchase from any other company from here out. Thank you!