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Paint By Numbers Shop Reviews

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I have been a customer of PBN for the last 4 months, I have painted 2, one left, and just ordered 3 more. I am obsessed by these paintings. They are relaxing, and they are beautiful. I’ve never ran out of paint and its so easy. Other Paint companies can’t compare!!!!

Abstract Monkey
Darlene St-Georges
Abstract Monkey

Love this one, great for beginners. Did these together. Abstract not quite complete yet.

Coffee Aroma
Catherine Falconer
Coffee Aroma

Really enjoying painting this picture. It's not for the faint hearted though, as very tricky. It just makes it all the more satisfying once completed.

Multicolor Cat
Alana Maye

I needed a hobby to calm my anxiety. Working from home can be difficult. I ordered one of PBN paintings and instantly became hooked. In the last 2.5 months I have ordered 5 paintings. It went from 2 easy paintings to ordering 3 difficult paintings, and I loved the fact that when I ordered 3 I got one free!!! I am now planning a paint party with a few friends. The paint never runs out and I love the fact that PBN sends you a colored picture and a numbered picture if you can’t see the actual numbers. I’ve had no problem reading the numbers on the canvas. I LOVE these paintings.

Love it

This one is little bit more difficult than others but i definitely enjoyed it!


Great product and quality. I’ve been enjoying it. I’d recommend to purchase the set of brushes from the shop to help with the little details and the paint run really smooth. although the brushes that come with the kit work well. I’ve been buying a few kits from the shop already. And could be more. Affordable price and great quality, the items always arrived safely in a nice present box.

Another PNB that i have bought on this shop. Overall its another relaxing painting to do in your spare time. However the colours are more challenging to cover up the numbers. Specially those colours in shade of pink and yellow. I have used white pen to cover it up but you can see that spot where i have done the white marker. And also comparing it with the photo, the shade specially for the sky is different. The shade of blue is abit saturated for the paint as compare with the photo. Hence just giving this as a 4star

Painting fish is as relaxing as watching them!

My second PBN and I loved creating it as much as the first.
Had a break in the middle due to illness and the paints thickened up considerably.
However, I was able to thin them with a little water, so all good!
My third kit is due to arrive any day now. :-)

Big Fish

Calming pleasant colors. Plenty of paint. This was a joy to do.

Wolf's Howl
Susan Katrin Fjällgren Miranda
Very beautiful!

I loved this paint.

Happy jungle

The colors show the happiest sunshine in the Jungle. I feel so relax and enjoy the painting so much. I am doing my 6th piece now.

Big Fish
Chan Fion
Big fish

Amazing art piece. Really let me relax and enjoy the moment if Stay Home Safe! Many you very much indeed.

Flower Kaleidoscope
Anthony Harris

Very enjoyable to paint

Natural Mirror
Lily Lim
Reflection- Be still

My 2nd picture from paint by numbers - Beautiful picture and vibrant color
Painted this as a gift to a dear friend/sister
I enjoyed from all my paint by number experience
Now doing my third one - Believe

Native American
Harpur Susan
Looks great

I find paint by numbers super relaxing, I look forward to doing more each time as you see yourself making progress and the finished product is just like the photo

Grandiose Peacock
Diane Gaugler
Love it

I have done so many of your paintings I lost count. This one was my first and still one of my favorites!

A Light of Hope
Diane Gaugler
Love it.

I actually painted 2 of these. One for myself and one as a gift to a lighthouse lover. I highly recommend this one.

Very hard...but rewarding

This is by far the hardest one I have ever completed. It is extremely detailed, but personally I liked the challenge. Only negative is alot of the paints were too thin and was really hard to cover the numbers and lines. But overall it's gorgeous.

White is NOT white

I like the 2 frames I bought but, what is sold as white frames are absolutely not white at all. There is little difference between the White and the Cream. I will have to spray paint them white. You can see in the picture my nail is painted white and the frame is litteraly beige with gray. I contacted customer service to notify them they sent me the wrong color, but they said that it was really the white frame, so no return or refund. I'm sorry to write a bad review because I like the company, but this is not a white frame.

Love it

This piece probably took me 30ish hours but was so worth it. My favorite so far, thank you

Multicolor Cat
Pania Huntley

The multi cat was wonderful to do. It turned out better than I thought.
I called it Cat of Emotions, as it has all the colours of emotions😊

Garden flowers
Love it

Really liked the painting. Wish some color s had more pigment in them. Like red and white.

The eiffel tower

Love this motive. Love the pink leaves and the blue skye. Want to go to Paris when I look at this.

Grandiose Peacock
Sandy Paro
Grandiose Peacock

Just completed this and everyone loves it. The colors are terrific

Rich in colour

This first paint by number that i bought from this shop. And i loved the colours! Very vibrant. For some colour with very low opacity i tried to use a white pen to cover the numbers. Took a lot of time to finish as this got a lot of many small small portion, but nothing to complain i still love and enjoy doing PBN! And this shop also got a really nice customer service 👌