Detail Brush Set

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This premium paint brush set is specifically designed for paint by numbers for comfortable and precise painting.

The Success Of Any Paint By Numbers Project Lies In The Fine Details!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the right paintbrush to use and precisely paint the details that will make your project pop?

Or do you experience hand aches because you are forced to grip thin traditional brush handles to get the steady control you need for the results you want?

Never again! Because you have just found the solution to end all exasperation and create clean lined art work with eye-popping details!

Introducing The Detail Paint Brush Set By

Our premium 5pc detail paint brush set is ideal for paint by numbers kits!

Their thin tips allow you to precisely paint crisp and clear lines in tiny spots and spaces, making them perfect for painting by numbers.

3 Reasons This Paint Brush Kit Is A Must Have:

Triangular ergonomic handles for comfortable, pain-free painting.
5 different sizes ensure you can paint in detail on all your projects.
Premium quality construction guarantees no shedding bristles.

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5 Premium Detail Brushes:
Sizes: 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 0 - Flat

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Best detailed brushes I've ever used

I've tried a few different fine detailed brushes and these are by far the best! The brush thickness and length gives me perfect control over painting tiny areas and edges. There is a good variety of sizes in this pack. Very easy to paint with, highly recommended.

Detail Brush Set...the BEST !!!

I bought a painting recently (A cat's tale) and I tought of using my own brush because they're pretty not small enough because some little numbers are so I bought the PBN Brush set ! Fantastic !! You can paint those little space so easily ! If you buy a paint set, you should definitely buy the paint brush !!

Andrea Smith
Detail brush set

These are the best brushes I have ever used for pbn, I absolutely love them!

Zoe Humphreys
Great for small details

I know the kits come with brushes, but I found that some of the smaller details were too small for them, and my painting got smudgy (my made up word). These brushes are great for the teeny tiny little parts of your project, leaving the bigger brushes for the bigger sections. And they are nice to hold. Glad I purchased them. Thanks

Rosaura Velez

I like the ergonomic position for your fingers