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Underwater Selfie

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Sea, sun, beach! Vacation! Hey, barman, can I have a cocktail, please? Meantime, we'll post a couple of selfies!

By the way, do you think only people can take selfies? Nothing like that!

How about this couple?)

Their cheerful faces will charge you with a positive and good mood both during drawing, and after - smiling to you from a canvas:)

The pleasure of creating a stunning work of art needs no description. Painting by numbers will let you set aside your worries, relax and decrease stress while strengthening the painting talent.

You don’t have to have any art related skills. Just follow the simple instruction provided and create magnificent art pieces.

What can be more satisfying than decorating your home or workplace with your own art?

It is proven that any task you do with your loved ones strengthens the relationship. Paint with the kit with your better half or your siblings and let the magic of colors bond you for the better.

When it comes to gifts, we often get confused because it is not that easy to find the right present. Paint By Numbers kit (or even your own finished masterpiece) is the ideal solution!

This kit helps kids to have better concentration, boosts thinking, learn to be patient and attentive to details. In addition, it brings up an aesthetic taste.

  • Size: 20" X 16" (50cm X 40cm)

  • Numbered high-quality cotton canvas stretched on a wooden frame.

  • Numbered acrylic-based paint set.

  • Paint brush set - 2 thin, 1 medium, 1 wide.

  • Varnish to add brightness and preserve the finished painting

  • Hanging kit, including traceless frame hangers, screws and a spirit level.

  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide.

  • Reference sheet.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful hobby, but we've got a problem...

I deeply fell in love with Paint By Numbers! Always loved to paint, but my zero skills on drawing never allowed me to do much. This was my first kit (I've bought another one, and other 2 are on their way) and, let me say, it is hands down the best hobby I've ever had in my life. So engaging, so addictive.. I've spent all the quarantine waking up in the morning looking forward to put myself on the painting and spending even 3, 4 hours coloring every pieces.. it was very great and a wonderful mindfulness excercise, great to menage my anxiety too!
BUT. There's a but.
I'm not saying that every kit it's the same, but this one in particulary do have some problems.
First of all, I've chosen it because I'm trying to put in my new house as many blue/lightblue items as possible, and I loved that ocean blue, but unfortunally it wasn't the same color as you can see in the picture. Yes, I know that they say that the color can be slightly different, but it's not slightly at all, it's not another tone of blue, but a blue more on the green side..
Another very annoying thing was that the numbers 11 and 12 were the same color. I couldn't see it when I was painting, but once dry, they were exactly the same color, and this made me very angry since I spent all the afternoon painting all the 11 spots, and at the end I had to mix 10 and 11 until a point that I liked it, and then doing again all the 11 spots with much more difficulties, since I literally couldn't see when one color started and the other finished. It was quite frustrating. I hope someone would have told me before and I would have checked on a paper aside before start painting, thing that I do now all the time.
Last thing I may say, I really hope the clear colors were able to cover more, in my case I had to layer the paint at least 3 times before seeing the numbers going away.

As I said, at the end it is an amazing product, I would and I will use it again for sure, but this particular one needs some work, in my opinion.

Eszter Guba
Underwater Selfie.

This is great in Quarantäne!

Haley Ward
Love this project

Everything is wonderful...I wish the lighter colored paints would cover more...need to do more than one coat...other than that very happy!

Wish I had bought from them sooner

My grandmother was a professional painter and I always wanted to paint like her. Unfortunately, painting was not in my veins. Paint By Numbers has made my dream come true. I feel really proud of how my painting is turning out and my family says it looks like it’s from a professional. I haven’t finished yet but I think it looks great! :)

Abbey Macdonald
Under water selfie

So good my sister and I are doing it and I’m half done kinda
Hope other people do this