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Since the prehistoric era, art has become a form of expression. Through it, artists are able to portray their feelings to their audience.

As what my art professor said, if an artist is angry, brush strokes are harsh and defined. They may even splash paint all over the canvas, imitating blood splatters or rain drops.

However, if an artist is in love, the brush strokes are sensually done. The lines blend smoothly and create a beautiful contrast with one another. Just like the way a person caresses their partner’s body while making love, the artist glides the tip of the brush with love and passion towards the canvas.

Colors also play a valuable role in expressing one’s feelings and hidden thoughts.

Warm colors usually resemble fierce or happy thoughts while cool colors identify more with sadness or misery. Neutral colors are best used for paintings with deeper meanings as they can play tricks with the viewer’s perception of the illustration.

From caves to canvas, from castle walls to art exhibits, artworks have become increasingly popular not only for art critics but even for ordinary people as well. Viewing works of art can be considered a hobby and it is pretty relaxing.

For people of different ages, whether they consider themselves artistic or not, coloring and doodling is a popular stress reliever. Since art can drive a person’s emotions out of their minds, it is very helpful for those who need a stress outlet and time to themselves.

Relieving stress through art could start off with a wide variety of adult coloring books. After all, who doesn’t love those? Admit it, when you were a kid, you had at least one hat either had illustrations of your favourite cartoon character or images of fruits and flowers.

Adult coloring books are considered as a great form of relaxation and as a stress reliever but now, we can step up our game into a different media…


You might judge yourself as an untalented artist who can’t draw or paint anything without a guide or a copy like how most coloring books have. The thought of doing something you aren’t used to can be quite intimidating. This will not be an additional source of stress, because there is a perfect solution to your problem.

Not sure where or how to start?

Confused on what colors blend together perfectly?

Worried that you might waste money on materials like canvas and paintbrushes?

Scared that you might paint a grotesque version of the Mona Lisa or create a bootleg-like version of the infamous Van Gogh painting because you didn’t do well in art class before?

No biggie!

What you need is a paint by numbers kit. So what are they?

Complete paint by numbers art kits include a canvas, a few brushes and paint canisters of all the colors you’ll ever need. It’s amazing that the canvas has numbers on various areas, and these numbers have a corresponding color that you’ll use to paint that part. It’s almost like a coloring book but this time, you’re levelling up from crayons to fancy painting equipment.

Easy, right?

This can help lots especially for beginners who want to try painting as a new medium for stress relief. Who knows, you might just unlock the potential artist in you! You might even become the next Michael Angelo or Bob Ross and maybe even sell your artworks for profit or start an art exhibit of your very own!

With these kits, you’ll not only be able to release the stress of your daily life, you can also express yourself through the brush strokes and maybe even discover a hidden talent. Painting will no longer be a daunting challenge.

So pick up that brush and start painting!

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